4 Tips for Effective Website Design

bullet imagebullet imageIn today's fast-paced world, most readers don't have any time to spare. The sense of urgency extends to custom web design; the way a site is put together must satisfy the needs of users, and it must provide a range of ways to view the web. Even if the website's design is worth the wait, visitors who have to contend with slow download speeds are likely to go elsewhere. Pay attention to the tips below that will help in the creation of a site that won't slow an online business down.

Don't Use As Much Flash

Flash is a good example of valuing form over function, and while it has a place in web design, it should be sparingly used. Even if site visitors have an up-to-date flash player (and many will not), it will lengthen a site's download times. Flash is a design element that's not accessible to the search engines, which means that it cannot help in SEO efforts.

Compress Images

Images are an example of how looks may deceive. Site owners may not realize how much space is occupied by images during the design phase; by compressing them before adding them to a page, a professional web designer can shrink the average image to less than half of its starting size. The web design company may also specify image height and weight in HTML, which can cut page loading times.

Make Sure Code is Clean

While HTML loads faster than a piece of graphic test, there are ways to speed it up even more. A pro will keep an eye out for unneeded coding such as spaces and unneeded tags that can increase file size. In web design, less is more—and a custom web designer will remove tags where possible, or use defaults.

Consider Page Size

Even if a website owner uses all the tips listed above, the page may still be large enough to cause slow loading when it's assembled. A web design company in new jersey will only use the content that's necessary, to keep pages at an ideal size of roughly 30kb. When a website is designed for a business, a professional designer will take the extra steps necessary to ensure that the site satisfied visitors' speed requirements — so site owners get all the traffic and customers they need. By choosing a professional web designer, business owners can free up more of their time to run their companies.